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Challenge accepted….

Hello and welcome back to my 6th installment of my blog and my story. If you are curious about the previous events, feel free to go back and read the older postings.

I started my Fall 2000 semester at Berklee after a tumultuous year that included 3 hand surgeries and other challenges. I was determined to not be stopped by anything, giving everything my all and making my grandfather proud of me.

I had to regain control of my hand again and built strength and stamina. I already had worked on a new posture and easier way for me to hold and fret the guitar. That included shifting my thumb to the side and use it only as a guide and not to exercise any pressure upon the fretting hand. That shift also changed the way my fingers were able to stretch across the fretboard in a very natural and easy way. All this helped me in developing a very fluent and fast technique.

Here’s a few photos of my changed technique. This one shows you how I set my thumb to the side and keep it on the lower part of the fretboard, only to use it to stabilize my hand and guide it along the fretboard but not to use it to exercise pressure at all. All my fretting happens because of the perfect placement on the fretboard. I call it the “sweet spot”, this will enable your finger to produce a perfect note without using any pressure or energy. It will just happen.


Further, as I had mentioned, your handspan will change from the traditional “thumb behind the fretboard” approach. Below you will find some photos illustrating the change.



These simple changes and understanding how to produce notes out of the guitar without exercising any pressure enabled me to completely reorganize and develop my technique. Of curse it took time and patience but I was so committed to exploring and relearning the instrument that that was only a small price to pay.

It was another busy busy semester for me put I was completely involved into exploring my new possibilities and even tho, I occasionally hit some down sports, I kept on pushing and pushing, getting better and faster. At that point I had already been mentioned and quoted many times by different teachers in class and was able to demonstrate my skills as well as serve as an example to my peers that anything is possible, even tho no one knew about my hand surgeries and struggles.

In my next blog entry, I will talk more about listening to your body and furthering your physical and mental skills.

Thank you for reading and I hope this gives you inspiration and positive motivation to deal with life and events. Feel free to comment, share or just email me at lightspeeder1@mac.com

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