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Getting back on track and being reborn

Hello and welcome back to my 8th installment of my blog and my story. If you are curious about the previous events, feel free to go back and read the older postings.

After having spent a very challenging fall 2000 and spring 2001 semester, overcoming physical, mental and financial challenges. I had achieved amazing new things. I regained my strength and skills again and also have tapped into my a new stream of creativity. On top of that I had gained recognition of the school that I loved so much.

I still couldn’t believe that I had managed to turn my weaknesses into my strength, turned my limitations into the things that would give me freedom, new skills and ideas!
After over 1 year of pain,sorrow and agony, I rose like a phenix for the ashes, reborn and strong.
I only had a few credits left at Berklee and decided to go part time to give me a bit more time to work on my skills but also soak in more music and guidance.

I participated in the Berklee graduating ceremony for the class of 2001, since I only had a few credits left. It was very exciting and moving but unfortunately no one of my family couldn’t attend and I felt a bit lonely since all my friends and fellow students had family and friends with them celebrating. I guess everyone of the graduating class of 2001 was there celebrating with me anyways.

The summer proved to be quite eventful, learning more about my own self and realizing even more different skills and other things about myself and talents. At the same time, I was working already on my career, assembling a great live band and making connections on the big new thing…the Internet. I had a great “mp3.com” site and presence and the word of my music and skills as shredder spread around the world. I know these days all this might sound funny, but back then, the Internet was a lot smaller. I released my first solo record called “Acceleration 420” and it became a great seller on mp3.com as well as many stream plays. I received many fan mails and inquiries about my CD. It was so exciting to see that I can move the world with music.

The summer came to an end and and I was getting ready for my final 2 classes at Berklee. The first day of the fall semester 2001 was on Tuesday, September 11. It was a warm and sunny morning. I had woken up early to practice before class (I always do) and was just sitting down while listening to the Howard Stern show when I heard about the first plane hitting the Twin Towers….

The story will continue in my next blog….

Thank you for reading and I hope this gives you inspiration and positive motivation to deal with life and events. Feel free to comment, share or just email me at lightspeeder1@mac.com

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